The winner of the kickstarter pack to fire up their New Year’s Goals is…

A massive congratulations to Paula Davies, who told us her New Year’s resolution and won 2 months free Virgin Active gym membership, 4 free car washes from WashEMoto, and a luxurious pamper session from Placecol!

Paula is a quadriplegic who has been confined to her bed since May last year due to a pressure sore. She has just had major surgery to resolve this and get her up and going again, and hopes to take her life back this year – her motto for 2019 is “You can – end of story!”

Paula’s 14-year-old son lives with her and has been taking care of her for the last 10 months, and he is eager to get out and burn off some energy. To say thanks, Paula is giving him the gym membership, while she heads off for a well-deserved pamper at Placecol. Her specially-modified vehicle will enjoy the complimentary car washes, so every member of Team Paula will be ready to take on the new year!

We really hope Paula’s surgery is a success so she can enjoy the pamper, and the whole Hillcrest Corner team wishes her all

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