Dj Rally vintage Motorbikes at Hillcrest Corner!

The 2022 DJ Rally saw pre-war and vintage classic motorcycles, taking competitors from Durban to Johannesburg from 11-12 March. The bikes drew some great crowds this year before they set off on their journey!

SA Moto GP champ brothers Brad Binder and Darryn Binder were also present at the mall, chatting to all the biking enthusiasts.

A bit of history on the event below:

The DJ Rally is World-famous motorcycle race staged between Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa. The goal was to win the coveted Schlesinger Vase – a large silver trophy.

First run in 1913 it quickly gained popularity and proved to be tough-going. Sheer determination and courage of the riders prevailed.

Initially, there were no tarmac roads and many of the surfaces were rough and hard-going. It was only in the last years leading up to 1936 that some of the roads were tarred.

Riders had to make regular stops to open and close farm gates along the way. It was also a flat-out race, not quite the sedate two-day timed regularity rally it is today.

In those bygone days of motorcycling, the race was a test of man and machine. The machines of the time could be unreliable and on many occasions had fence wire or bailing twine added along the way to \”keep things together\”.

The \”DJ\” became a world-class event attracting riders and machines from around the world and it was a sad day indeed when the race was banned. Resurrected in 1970 it became a rally or regularity trial rather than a race.

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