2023 DJ Rally for Classic Motorcycles is Revving Up and Getting Ready!

The 2023 DJ rally for pre-war and vintage classic motorcycles, will take competitors from Durban to Johannesburg from the 10-11 March.

They hope to have a field of about 86 motorcycles taking up the challenge of riding at set average speeds on a route that follows similar roads that were used when this event was a road race between Durban and Johannesburg from 1913 to 1936.

It is for this reason that competing motorcycles must be 1936 or earlier models.

These bikes will be on display Thursday 9 March, in the Hillcrest Corner lower level basement parking, near to the Virgin Active Entrance. The public are invited to view them between 10am and 4pm.

They leave Hillcrest Corner on Friday 10 March at 6am to start their journey to Johannesburg.

For More information visit their website here.

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